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The need to understand the environmental physiology of plants has never been greater. Managing pressing global problems, notably the effects of changing climates on plants and plant communities, requires a grasp of plant physiology. At the same time, advances in molecular genetics are opening wholly new avenues of enquiry. There is a risk, however, that the new generation of plant scientists with lack an appreciation of how real plants work. Environmental physiology is the vital bridge between the gene and the simulation model. This third edition of a successful university text, first published in 1981, provides an accessible and comprehensive guide for advanced undergraduate and graduate studies in plant science, ecology and environmental and crop science. This new and thoroughly revised edition retains the original structure and philosophy, synthesising modern ecology and physiology. The authors explain how new molecular methods can be harnessed to solve physiological problems, rather than how molecular genetics leads to defined physiological outcomes. The book uses modern and classic examples to ensure that readers understand both the foundations of the subject and exciting new developments. New features include explicit analysis of global change impacts, a unified treatment of ionic and gaseous toxicity, an introduction to comparative methods and a section on the role of fire. The many new illustrations include colour plates for the first time. The detailed reference list displays the authors' commitment to providing readers with extensive access to the literature. MI in all, this new edition ensures that this fine student guidebook remains a key source well into the 21st century.


AUTEUR Robert Hay

Taiz, L. and Zeiger, E. Plant physiology. 3rd edn ...

As a new feature, the text of the 4 th edition contains 12 boxes with short contributions … . has already become an institution and its high value as textbook for students and as reference volume for scientists remains absolutely indisputable. … a keystone textbook for any student, teacher and researcher in the field of plant ecology." (Wolfram Beyschlag, Phytocoenologica Intl. J ...

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Summary. Continuous discoveries in plant and crop physiology have resulted in an abundance of new information since the publication of the second edition of the Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology, necessitating a new edition to cover the latest advances in the field.Like its predecessors, the Third Edition offers a unique, complete collection of topics in plant and crop physiology, serving ...

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